Katholische Kirche St. Michael Kirchen (Sieg)

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After the 233-year-old Simultaneum was dissolved by a contract in 1885, the Catholic parish Kirchen was able to begin preparations for the construction of its own church. The laying of the foundation stone of the catholic church "St. Michael" in churches took place on 13.09.1887. The cost estimate of 12.07.1886 was estimated at 95.000 Marks. The earthworks for the church construction began on 05.05.1887. On 16.07.1889 the solemn consecration of the church took place. The bells in the tower rang for the first time on 19.09.1889.

During the Second World War the bells were dismantled, but fortunately they were not melted down. However, the ringing could only be brought back to churches in 1949. At the same time, the bells of the Protestant Churches, the Catholic parishes of Wissen and Altenkirchen and those of the Protestant parishes of Freusburg and Almersbach were also brought back. This news spread like wildfire. In the years 1939/1940 a redesign of the interior of the church took place. In 1945 the church was damaged in a bombing raid. In 1969 the interior design was changed again.

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The catholic church "St. Michael" was built between 1887 and 1889 in gothic style. It is the catholic parish church in churches (Sieg).

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