Katholische Kirche "St. Josef" Brachbach

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The Catholic Church "St. Josef" Brachbach was consecrated in 1873.

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In 1869 the community of Brachbach together with the neighbouring village of Büdenholz counted about 700 souls, according to the archive. Around this time, the congregation builds a church on its own and with its own funds, in order to spare its believers the long journey to the parish churches - and applies to have its own church service. In 1871 the church was named and Brachbach was elevated to parish vicarage. In 1873 the church was consecrated and - after the separation from the parish of Kirchen - it was elevated to an independent parish of St. Josef. The 1st parish priest is appointed one year later. In 1911 the parish church was extended and in 1966 another one. In 1994 the church building was redesigned, among other things to create a parsonage. On 01.01.2008 the parish of St. Josef Brachbach was merged with the two parishes of St. Matthias Niederschelderhütte/Birken and Maria Himmelfahrt Mudersbach to form the new parish "Holy Spirit". The patron day is March 19.

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Kirchstraße 9
57555 Brachbach