Katholische Franziskanerkirche Maria Himmelfahrt

Brief description

Historic church on the Old Market Square. The baroque church was built in 1734 on the walls of a Franciscan order church.

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Detailed description

The baroque original equipment of the church has been preserved: High altar, side altars, pulpit, confessionals and organ prospectus; it is one of the most beautiful church furnishings of the Baroque in the Westerwald. Presumably artists from Mainz or Hadamar worked here. The high altar - and perhaps the rest of the furnishings as well - was donated by Count Johann Moritz Gustav von Manderscheid-Blankenheim, a son of Count Salentin Ernst, who was Cardinal Archbishop of Prague from 1734. Under the church there is a monks' crypt with the monks of the former monastery who died between 1754 and 1811 and who were walled in here.

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