Kath. Pfarrkirche Hl. Dreifaltigkeit

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In 1330, the church at "Hoilbach" was mentioned for the first time. Translated with

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Catholic parish church with baroque furnishings of the Hadamar school. The church ship was built in 1738 under the priest Johannes Nicolaus Schlemmer. In 1753, the church left the church unfinished with the choir in the absence of ecclesiastical funds. It was not until 1776 that church construction was completed. After renovations in the years 1779 and 1802, the church was rebuilt and expanded from 1936 to 1938. Pastor Josef Mathias Bill wrote at the time: "The demolition of the old walls brought out gothic remains of the wall and vaults, which date from the Gothic period and point to the creation of a church around 1320/1330". The church tower is Romanesque in its core. The Baroque decoration, especially the High Altar, is a work of the "Hadamar School". The bell, consisting of the Trinity Bell (bronze 657 kg), the Jossel Bell (bronze 475 kg) and the Marienglocke (bronze 400 kg), sound in the triangle gis-ais-cis. One of the few Dreymann organs (1858) in the Westerwald stands in this church. After partial renovations in the years 1954/55 and 1972, the church was completely renovated from 1985 to 1987 inside and outside. It was declared a Historic Monument in 2002.

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