Julia Saffer Keramik

Brief description

Artistic unique pieces

Thematically, my ceramic works deal with the seemingly endless processes which recur in life and which we all go through every day, whereby development, growth, rhythm and symmetry play a central role. Segmentations form intermediate steps, symbolize new beginnings and further development - but always in harmony and interplay with the form as a whole.

Detailed description

Despite the statics of the objects, the movement inherent in them is a decisive aspect and the supporting force from beginning to end. The spiral, the basic element of all my works, stands symbolically for unity, harmony, the connection of life and death. The spiral, like time, is endless in movement, without beginning or end. It is the underlying power of all energy and therefore the basis of my work.

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Brunnenstraße 15 a
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen