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"Hunt for deer"

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"Hunt for deer"


She is one of Germany's biggest TV and movie stars. When the German-Iranian actress Jasmin Tabatabai appears in front of the camera in the ZDF series "Letzte Spur Berlin" as detective Mina Amiri, millions watch. The ratings hit celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2021 and is now in its 13th season.

Jasmin Tabatabai became known to a younger target group through the ARD series "Asbest". "Asbest", in which she plays the mother of the main character Momo, broke the record as the best start for a media library series at the beginning of this year with three million views in the first few days.

But the versatile actress also knows how to inspire as a singer. She made her singing debut as a rock singer in the blockbuster "Bandits", together with Katja Riemann and Nicolette Krebitz. The cult film had almost one million viewers, and the soundtrack, which consists largely of songs by Jasmin Tabatabai, not only became the best-selling German soundtrack with over 700,000 copies sold, but is also the best-selling soundtrack of a European cinema film.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung mentions Tabatabai in the same breath as Marlene Dietrich and Hildegard Knef: "There are those voices that you recognize immediately, they simply have that certain something that burns itself into your acoustic memory forever".

Their third CD "Jagd auf Rehe" was released in 2020. Diversity is the magic word. Jasmin Tabatabai and her musical partner, Swiss musician, composer and producer David Klein, are also committed to this premise with their latest program and the production of their third CD together. There is no stylistic boundary that is not broken, no genre that is not explored.

The CD title track "Shekare Ahoo" (German: Jagd auf Rehe), which the Tehran-born Tabatabai sings in Persian, has a burning topicality due to the protests in Iran, which are mainly supported by women.

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