Hahn am See

Jagd- und Naturkundemuseum

Detailed description

For "big and small" nature lovers:
The museum, which was reopened under the direction of the Wallmerod Municipality, tells about hunting traditions and introduces visitors, especially children and young people, to the many facets of nature. On two floors a whole range of native animals can be seen as specimens. Above all birds, starting with the small species found in every garden, owls and eagle owls to capercaillies and eagles, but also four-legged small animals such as weasels and martens.

"Hunter's prey" like horns and skins adorn the walls. The hunter's trade is explained and the necessary equipment such as rifles and ammunition. The visitor is made aware of the tracks the animals leave in the forest and by which they can be recognized.

The museum can be visited at any time by appointment. To make an appointment please contact

Wallmerod municipality
 Ms Damrau
 Phone (06435) 508-115
E-mail: poststelle@wallmerod.de

Contact and directions

Hohe Straße 17
56244 Hahn am See