Hörbach local history room

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The small museum, founded in 1988, is located in the former school (1896 - 1953), later the town hall (1953-1977), in the centre of the Hörbach district of Herborn. The exhibitions provide a vivid insight into village life and living in the past. A fully equipped dwelling (with a completely furnished kitchen, bedroom and cosy living room from the period around 1900-1930) is one of the special features of the vivid collection. The attic houses the equipment of a cobbler's workshop as well as a variety of agricultural implements. In the classroom, history of the last 200 years is conveyed. Guided tours with information on various topics are offered especially for primary and secondary school pupils. Teachers take note - the museum has developed ready-made concepts for school class visits to the museum and will be happy to provide them on request! The visit is worthwhile for all age groups! For the older generation, looking at the everyday objects often awakens memories of their youth. Family groups are also welcome guests. The exchange between the generations is positively promoted by a visit to the museum. What was still familiar to the grandparents in everyday life is sometimes completely unknown to the younger generation. Thus, the exhibits provide the basis for many valuable conversations in the families. One of the mottoes of the Hörbach Museum Society is: "It is our endeavour and our task to keep childlike curiosity alive and to support it in order to let understanding and knowledge develop as if by itself.

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Text: Stadtmarketing Herborn

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Completely furnished living rooms give an insight into the former village life.

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35745 Herborn-Hörbach