Historical quarter

Brief description

Memorabilia from the Altenkirchner past.

Detailed description

The aim of the Historical Quarter is to collect memorabilia from the past of Altenkirchen. As a result of this, future views into the native past of the city shall be ensured. Historic material of more than three centuries is waiting to be discovered: pictures of old street views, from the hotel and restaurant industry, clubs, sports events, from companies and entrepreneurs, of people and originals of the city Altenkirchen, from events, markets parades and anniversaries. In
addition documents of the local history and written historical stories can be read. Finds from the Battle of Altenkirchen from 1796 to the Second World War, various text documentations and memories from the development of the partnership with the French city of Tarbes, complete the collection.

Contact and directions

57610 Altenkirchen