Brief description

The healing gallery in the Bindweide mine - health from the womb of the earth Breathe a sigh of relief!

Breathe a sigh of relief! Welcome to the healing gallery of the Bindweide mine: breathe freely, feel well, strengthen your health, experience relief.

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Detailed description

The therapy room of the Heilstollen is located in the former powder chamber of the disused iron ore mine. The clean and cool air in the mine led to the idea of using the mine for healing and therapy purposes. The expert opinion of the German Meteorological Service confirmed the air quality in 2015 and so the accessible gallery of the visitor mine was certified as a healing gallery.

The therapy room is 450 metres away in the tunnel; there you are 50 metres below the earth's surface. In the silence of the mountain, dust and allergen-free air awaits you. The constant temperature of 10°C and the high humidity of 98% are ideal conditions for the treatment of many respiratory diseases, allergies, psychosomatic complaints and stress-related tension. A naturopathic doctor's practice accompanies you in the therapy offers.

There are about a dozen Heilstollen therapy centres in Germany, this one is the only one in Rhineland-Palatinate. The German Heilstollen Association takes care of scientific research and improved recognition of the therapies, monitors the quality criteria and bundles the information from the therapy centres.

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Price information

A week with 6 appointments costs 80.-€. Individual appointments (15.-€) are only possible if there are free places.

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Contact and directions

Bindweider Straße 2
57520 Steinebach/Sieg