Hamburger Hafenvarieté Mahoin

maritime - musical - captivating

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Hamburg's Hafenvarieté gets things moving and at the same time invites you to dream, immerse yourself and enjoy. Cast off for this curious show format!
The combination of spectacular artistic performances and rousing music guarantees an incomparable and extremely entertaining experience for young and old.
The wild Bordkapelle takes the audience on a thrilling journey from the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken to the ports of this world. With musical finesse, they discover the cultural diversity between Hamburg and Haiti in a new and dusted-off way.
With a wealth of humorous sailor's yarns, helmsman Johnny charmingly guides the passengers from one adventure to the next. A touch of poetry and seafaring romance is added with graceful aerial and lighthouse acrobatics. Innovative juggling and light and frivolous equilibristics reflect the pulsating atmosphere of nightlife at the harbor.
When the heart of St. Pauli begins to beat, it's not just the hula hoops that get moving. Together, the artists make the deck shake, and in the end no one will be left sitting on their chair.
There will be dancing, singing and laughter.
Welcome aboard the Hamburg harbor variety show!

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maritime - musical - captivating

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen