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The castle garden is within sight of the castle.

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In summer, it is home to numerous festivals and events, in autumn it inspires dreams, in winter it is filled with snowmen and Christmas spirit and in spring it shines with a blooming play of colours: the Hachenburg castle garden. Created in the 15th century as an extensive castle garden in front of the majestic baroque palace, it was reserved for the nobility for centuries. Originally built in the English style, the Hachenburg castle garden today resembles a charming park landscape. Between its mighty trees, expansive meadows and dreamy works of art, one thing above all is within reach here: relaxation. With its romantic and natural aura, the Burggarten is a haven for a relaxing stroll and is only five minutes away from the historic city centre. But don't overlook the many surprises that await you along the paths. A more beautiful spot in the Hachenburg Westerwald could not have been found for the Westerwald Landscape Museum. Next to the original Hofgartenhaus, a small village of eight historic houses has grown up over the years. Most of them were moved there over time from villages in the Westerwald and the small rural house was even reconstructed from the ground up. Today, the Hachenburg Landscape Museum provides a glimpse into the cultural history of the Westerwald from the 18th to the 20th century.

Fun and games await you on the northern slope of the Burggarten: On the minigolf course, young and old can test their marksmanship at minigolf and boccia - and the little ones can let off steam in the castle garden's children's playground.

Overnight stay in the Burggarten Hachenburg

Wouldn't the castle garden be a wonderful setting for an overnight stay? Guests considering a motorhome holiday in Hachenburg can arrive with peace of mind, as the town is well prepared for a stay. There are eight free parking spaces with grass paving stones in a public car park directly below the castle gardens. Take advantage of the proximity to the town centre and try out the town's various pubs and bars. Those looking to relax and unwind after an eventful day in the city can check into the Burggarten Hotel Hachenburg. When staying at the Parkhotel Hachenburg, guests can expect a fantastic panorama of the Hachenburg Westerwald landscape. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the conservatory or meet up for a cool Hachenburg Pils in the lounge. For visitors who enjoy hiking, there is an access point to the WesterwaldSteig quality hiking trail at the edge of the castle garden, on which you can reach Marienstatt Abbey or the Dreifelder Weiher pond within a short distance. Whatever your needs, the Hachenburg castle garden ensures a relaxing stay with the aristocratic charm of the residential town.

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