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Pioneers of German rock music

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This band delivers! They have come a long way: from the deepest depths of the UNDERGROUND they have plunged into the realms of modern sounds and the most diverse playing styles - trained in jazz, pioneers (!) of German rock music, steeled in the rigors of the local show business - they now combine skill, fireworks of ideas, energy, wit and joy of playing with an inspiring and sensational show.

Drum legend MANI NEUMEIER on drums has been the constant throughout the years - and the names of his fellow musicians read like the encyclopaedia of German rock music - more than thirty record productions, countless side projects and collaborations, around 3400 concerts, appearances in several films, appearances on radio and television (including as the first German band on WDR-Rockpalast in 1976, a new edition took place in 2005) and an immortalization in the Tokyo Wax Museum speak for themselves.

GURU-GURU today means: a crazy mix of rock, funk, jazz, world music, electronics and and and and - name it - you`d get ist! Plus a show by the officially insane drummer Mani Neumeier - the drummer from the Odenwald!

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Pioneers of German rock music

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen