Price information

  • Saturday 14.00 - 17.00: admission free of charge
  • All other days: Groups by appointment (30€ admission per group)

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Brief description

The pit forge - cultivating an ancient craft

Experience a forging demonstration in our fully equipped pit forge: impressive, amazing and you can actively participate and "swing the hammer" yourself to work the glowing piece of iron on the anvil.

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Detailed description

The smell of the blacksmith's fire burning with hard coal, the blows of the blacksmith's hammers on the glowing iron workpieces being worked on the anvil - this is the atmosphere of a special live experience.

The pit forge in the outdoor area of the visitor mine Grube Bindweide in Steinebach/Sieg offers another attraction for visitors of all ages. Since 2014, it has complemented the theme of iron ore mining with the processing and working of the iron and steel produced from it. Our dedicated blacksmith team is happy to keep this old craft alive and to inspire their audience with their skills. This results in a variety of popular and useful products, such as the signs of the zodiac, lucky horseshoes, bottle openers and barbecue forks to intertwined hearts - everlasting mementos of a day's experience in the mine and at the pit forge.

This new forge follows a long tradition. Not far from the present site, where St Barbara's Church now stands, was the historic pit forge where tools and ironmongery for the mine were made or repaired.

Following the removal of Corona restrictions, the blacksmith team is planning to offer more than just the standard blacksmithing demonstrations: Blacksmith workshops, as well as children's and family blacksmithing, couples blacksmithing.


An old, lovingly restored bellows is an eye-catcher since the 2021 season. The functioning bellows can be used to generate a powerful stream of air, a breath of fresh air for the pit forge, as it were. In the past, the air flow from the bellows ensured the right temperature of the forge fire - today, this is done by an electric blower.

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Contact and directions

Bindweider Straße 2
57520 Steinebach/Sieg