Große Westerwaldrundfahrt (Radrundweg)

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Cycle path: distance 144,3 km duration 10:42h Translated with

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Traditional villages, dense forests and wide meadow landscapes guarantee pure cycling pleasure today. What could be more beautiful than exploring the Unterwesterwald on two wheels.

The Bornkasten is the local mountain in the charming Eisenbach valley. Ruggedly rises the flank where the famous basalt was once broken. This was not only of great interest in the Westerwald as a profane cobblestone pavement, but also for masterly stone sculpture. The "Wäller" are often referred to as "Basaltköpp" because of their alleged stubbornness - which is of course completely exaggerated... Splendid asphalted roads that can be driven on lead us through towns that are full of sound, such as Klein- and Großholbach and Ruppach-Goldhausen. At the edge of these villages three decades ago, the water wheel of the mill from the early 18th century was still groaning and turning. Via Staudt and Bannberscheid we roll on a finely gravelled path towards Leuterod, whose village image is dominated by the outstanding nature reserve of Malberg. Finds prove that the Celts built a ring wall there, the remains of which can still be admired today. After Ötzingen the landscape changes. It changes into dense forest and wide field and meadow landscapes, in which colourful small villages have their roots. In Maxsain we admire the half-timbered house "Sahm" from the 17th century, as well as the pretty village church, before heading towards Herrschbach on selected cycle paths. We cycle around the Marienheim Monastery, visit the Laurenzius Chapel, which is well worth seeing, and stop for a rest in one of the neighbouring localities. Along the Historic Town Hall we speed towards Selters, which is located with Hartenfels on the Historic Trade Route from Cologne to Frankfurt. Its high castle keep from the 13th century, which used to serve as a lookout, is also affectionately called "Schmanddippe". We also learn interesting things in the "Heimatmuseum", which invites you to a journey through the interesting history of the community. The unmistakable hilly face shows itself once again on the beautiful way to Siershahn. Clay, the element that promised the village early prosperity. If you feel like a discovery trip with the mine railway, visit the clay mining museum (appointment by arrangement) and learn many interesting facts about the subject. The neighbouring community is called Wirges, whose massive church tower is visible from afar and represents another signposting of the way via Dernbach to Montabaur. To the right of the asphalted cycle path are small forest ridges, which look up to us in a mischievous way. Those who think of the town will immediately see the yellow baroque castle in front of their eyes. See many pretty shops in the inviting pedestrian zone, cosy cafés and restaurants and sights. Many sights such as the neo-Gothic town hall, the historic half-timbered buildings and the Wolfsturm impressively prove this. You should plan enough time for the tour through the 1000 year old history of the city. Downhill we speed along the city wall into the Gelbachtal. Winding, mysterious forest paths remind us of old songs of our homeland - lead us to Wirzenborn, which has impressively sought this beautiful place. The famous pilgrimage church dominates the village. Already built in 1498, it offers protection to a Madonna dating back to the 14th century. Before the forest devours us again, we rest extensively in the "Wirzenborner Liss". The rustic village pub with its motorbike museum is another attraction for all bicycle enthusiasts. Along the Gelbach we effortlessly head towards the forest chapel "Bildches Eich", which is idyllically situated on the cycle path and whose origin dates back to 1830. The last village on our tour today is Großholbach, where the "Gräfliches Fachwerkhaus" deserves attention. Then we are drawn directly to the Studentenmühle - from whose kitchen and cellar we can really indulge ourselves and thus conclude this wonderful cycle tour.

Route 144,3 km Duration 10:42h

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