Grit Uhlemann Keramik

Detailed description

The illuminated objects are excellently suited for individual, tasteful interior design. They give dark rooms a very cosy atmosphere and can also act as windows in narrow dark corridors.
My sculptures are reminiscent of menhirs. They are single forms, which take over marking function in the landscape. Their special shape and size alone, as well as their placement in the landscape, attract attention. The stones radiate through their firmness and heaviness durability and seem immovable. At the same time my forms have a great grace.
I am also interested in glazes and ceramic raw materials in general from a geological perspective and I like to experiment with them.
I am part of the artist collective "CERAMIX" and have had my workshop there since April 2018. I am also looking forward to personal visits there.

Current opening hours can be found here.

Brief description

My works include backlit porcelain landscapes as well as egg-shaped archaic objects.

The relieved surfaces of the porcelain landscapes resemble satellite images, but are not supposed to reproduce them realistically. Rather it is about inner spaces of experience, which should make the landscapes themselves accessible. They are reminiscent of forests, folded mountains, a sea with strong surf. These structures move in a continuum between gently organic and clearly drawn lines. The wafer-thin panels, made from paper clay using a self-developed technique, are expressive aesthetics thanks to a play of light and translucency.

Contact and directions

Brunnenstra0e 11 c
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen