Golf-Club Westerwald e.V.

Brief description

The GC Westerwald offers its members a golfing home.
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Detailed description

Whether young or old, recreational or competitive athlete, beginner or professional - golfers are at home with us. As a registered club, we are exclusively committed to the interests of our approximately 800 members and place great value on an active and social club life. Our 18-hole course is embedded in the picturesque landscape above the Dreifeld pond. We maintain the quality of the playing areas while taking into account the interests of nature and the conservation of natural resources. A 3-hole practice course enables beginners to train children and young people in a calm and practical way. Membership of the Westerwald Golf Club and playing golf is more than just a way of compensating for the stressful desk job and other routines of everyday life. In the community you get to know each other, you find like-minded people and you spend time together in beautiful nature.

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Contact and directions

Steinebacher Str.
57629 Dreifelden