Gipfelstürmer- Radrundtour

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High up we go - the Köppel, from whose observation tower we expect spectacular views today. Where the Romans already camped, we cycle into the clay heart of the "Kannenbäckerland" and experience the pottery craft up close.

There are many good reasons to travel to Montabaur - as many as basalt cobblestones in the narrow streets. No matter from which direction you approach the town, the bright yellow castle - a 13th century baroque magnificent building turned to stone dominates the overall picture. Down there, a multitude of attractive sights awaits us that should not be missed. We start our tour through the medieval alleys at the Historic Neo-Gothic Town Hall on the Grosser Markt, where cosy pubs and restaurants gather within sight of wonderful half-timbered buildings. The end of the inviting pedestrian zone with its many shops borders the enormous town church, whose two bell towers rise far into the clear Westerwald sky. Adjacent to it we marvel at the well-preserved city wall with the Wolfsturm, before we start from the beautiful town hall. Via the Montabäurer swimming pool we head for Horressen. At the foot of the Köppel we dive into dense deciduous forest, whose broad trail leads us gently uphill on the right path through the Nassau Nature Park to the Montabäurer Höhe and thus to the Köppel. Before settling down for refreshment in the rustic Köppelhütte at 540 metres above sea level, it is worth climbing up to the viewing plateau of the tower with its magnificent panoramic view of the Unterwesterwald. Once again, the focus shifts to the wonderful baroque Montabäurer Schloss, which stands out in lush green. On the way to Hillscheid we see the alarm pole (not open to the public), which towers a few metres above the Köppel and thus generates the highest point in the Unterwesterwald. The fast descent on asphalt to Hillscheid awaits a stop at the reconstructed Roman fort on the Limes, which was home to many a legionary during the occupation of Gaul. The Roman tower also deserves a visit before we approach Höhr-Grenzhausen on a level, disused railway line. This is right in the heart of the "Kannenbäckerland". This is where the "white gold" clay, which is coveted all over the world, has determined the lives of people for centuries. The pottery and glass art is impressively documented in the ceramics museum, which should not be missed. The city also has a lot of other sights to offer. Like the Grenzau Castle and the beautiful town church. Bergan we stomp our way to Hilgert, which is a listed school and has made a name for itself with its clay pipe bakery. The further course of our day tour leads us to the Erlenhofsee in Ransbach-Baumbach. The idyll invites us to rest under shady trees. Besides, a visit to the Erlenhof chapel is worthwhile. Through woods and meadows we quickly return to Montabaur, the "cobbler town", as it is sometimes jokingly called. Between 1864 and 1866 there were 66 commercial cobblers - and not even 330 houses in the town.

Route 40,1 km Duration 3:00h

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