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Construction work in the 1990s cut through Devonian rock layers here. The Devonian site shows the habitat of this geological age and provides information about the fossil finds of that time.

Detailed description

In the summer of 1999, during the construction of the new ICE railway line from Cologne to the Rhine-Main area, rocks from the Lower Devonian period were uncovered over a large area in the vicinity of the villages of Hombach, Epgert, Krunkel and Willroth.

Sea scorpions, remains of chasmataspids (which show characteristics of both sea scorpions and horseshoe crabs), a remnant of a millipede-like arthropod and the oldest arachnids recorded in the Rhenish Slate Mountains were found.

The Devonian site in Epgert takes you on a geological journey to the time of the Palaeozoic era, which began 417 million years ago and ended about 358 million years ago. Here you can learn more about the Rhenish Strait, the Jaekelopterus Rhenanie, which is up to 2.5 m tall, and the collision of the Old Red continent with the Gondwansund continent.
The site can be visited free of charge at any time.

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