Geological Walk Haiger

Brief description

The Geological Trail takes visitors back to the last 393 million years of the earth's history.
Youreceive information on local and global geological events at eight stations.

Detailed description

At eight stations, attention is drawn to the fascinating history of the earth, which was previously unnoticed at the edge of the path and is now vividly described. The stations are easily recognisable. Information signs have been attached to gabions and pillars. The Geological Walk takes visitors on a journey through the last 393 million years of the Earth's history. They receive information on local and global geological events. The approximately two-kilometre-long path leads along an old mine railway line from Haiger to the district of Langenaubach. The main section is asphalted and can also be walked with prams. If you want to walk the path and read the information on the signs, it will take you about 90 minutes. In addition to visitors walking here or specifically seeking out this route, the path is also suitable for school classes (e.g. during the hiking week). A questionnaire on the history of the earth will be prepared for children and young people and made available to schools. The opening will take place on Saturday at 11am. The meeting point is at the start of the trail near the Budenberg school. Guests from the twin town of Montville, who are visiting Haiger over the Ascension weekend, are also expected to attend. Interested citizens are invited to be present at the official first "walk-through". An information brochure, available in the foyer of the town of Haiger, describes the "journey through the earth's history of the region". It gives a small insight into interesting geological processes that have lost nothing of their impact and fascination to this day.

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Text: Stadt Haiger