From Galgenberg (653 m above sea level) you have a unique panoramic view of the Westerwald.

When the weather is clear, more than 50 locations can be counted. To the north you can see the mountains of the Siegerland, the Rothaargebirge and the Kalteiche. To the south are the Taunus Heights with the 880 m high Großer Feldberg. In the southwest lies the Montabaurer Höhe in the foreground and behind it the heights of the Hunsrück and Eifel. In the west the Siebengebirge.

Galgenberg and Saalberg together form the Salzburg head. The highest court for the rule of the Westerwald was still held on the Saalberg in 1645. The sentences were carried out on the Galgenberg.

Brief description

Nice place for a break with a panoramic view of the Westewald and beyond

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56479 Salzburg


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