Fußballgolfanlage Daufenbach

Detailed description

The course has obstacles like in miniature golf, but you play without clubs - only with your foot.

Special equipment, previous knowledge or preparation is not necessary.
The game is suitable for players between 5 and 70 years old.
"Footballers" do not necessarily have an advantage. It is usually played in "flights" by about 4 people.
The game is equally suitable for individual players and large groups (company outing, birthday, school classes).
Additional game modes such as tournaments, cooperation tasks, course record, floodlight games, etc. are also conceivable.

Brief description

Football golf combines football, golf and minigolf to create a new sport and game pleasure

Price information

Entrance fees:

Children up to 8 years play free
Kids up to 16 years pay 4 Euro
from 17 years 8 Euro

Contact and directions

An der K127
56307 Dürrholz-Daufenbach