Friedenskreuz Wehbach

After the Second World War, citizens erected a peace cross above the village of Wehbach on a hillside called "Auf der Hardt". The people wanted to express their relief that Wehbach had been largely spared from bombardment. Because the old wooden cross was getting on in years, it had to be removed in 2017. Thanks to the commitment and initiative of Wehbach and Wingendorf citizens, a new peace cross weighing well over a tonne and nine metres high was erected at the same location on 11 April 2019. The galvanised fittings in the shape of a cross, which were manufactured at the time in the Friedrichshütte in Wehbach, could be preserved in its original form.

From the Peace Cross there is a view of Wehbach into the Asdorf valley. The 15 km long castle hiking trail also runs over this hill as a marked circular route starting from Kirchen via Wehbach to Freusburg and back in Druiden.Hexen.SiegerLand.

Brief description

The Peace Cross, located at 249 metres above sea level, was first erected by the people of Wehbach after the Second World War and was rebuilt again in 2019. It weighs over a tonne and is 9 metres high. From here, there is a beautiful view of Wehbach into the Asdorf valley. The 15 km long castle hiking trail leads past the cross as a marked circular route from Kirchen in Druiden.Hexen.SiegerLand.

Opening hours

The viewpoint with the peace cross is freely accessible all year round.

Contact and directions

Auf der Hardt
57548 Kirchen-Wehbach