Freusburger Mühle

Brief description

The Freusburger Mühle, located directly on the Sieg between Kirchen and Freusburg, was a ban mill from 1750 to 1845 before it was expanded into a roller mill a little later. The mill is located directly on the Natursteig Sieg, the Druidensteig, Ottoturm and Druidstein hiking trails and is a popular photo opportunity. She is also the namesake of the mill hiking trail (6 km), which starts at the train station in Kirchen.

Detailed description

The Freusburger Bannmühle in Druid.Hexen.SiegerLand was built in its new location below the Queckhahn to the left of Sieg in the 1750s/60s. Three buildings were built in the Freusburg district: the mill building, a residential building and, in 1787, a weaving mill building. The mill was a closed mill until the compulsory grinding was lifted in 1845. In 1888, Karl Bender expanded the Freusburger Mühle into a roller mill so that the processing of imported grain could begin. There were still up to eight horses in the mill's stable at the turn of the century. The flour from the Freusburger mill was brought to Siegerland and the Westerwald. In the 1970s, the sales area reached as far as the Rhine and Ruhr. Operations ceased in 1978; Only a small power plant is still active there and feeds the energy generated into the power grid.

Every two years, the popular May market takes place around the historic mill building at the beginning of May.

Contact and directions

Freusburgermühle 2
57548 Kirchen an der Sieg