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From 1976 onwards, the former clay pits were recultivated within three years and converted into a local recreation area (landscape conservation area "Finkelkarst"). It directly adjoins the already recultivated area of the playground in the middle of the local community and is essentially bordered by the sports field and the forest area of the "Goldhäuser Berg". The centre of the recreational area is formed by an aesthetically designed pond, around which a trim-yourself path and a network of paths with connection to the forest paths existing in the forest areas are integrated. A wooden bridge has also been built, which connects the recreation area with the sports grounds and the school and kindergarten. Meanwhile, the recreation area is not only suitable for numerous wedding photos and local recreation in the summer months, but also all year round as a space for health/fitness and a meeting place for young and old. Translated with

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4.82 ha local recreation in the middle of Ruppach-Goldhausen

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Hauptstraße 52
56412 Ruppach-Goldhausen