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The Neuhäusel Arboretum was created in 1961-66 by the then Neuhäusel Forestry Office in cooperation with the Pein and Pein Forest Tree Nursery and was later expanded. Today it houses 160 different tree species with over 500 individuals on 2.1 hectares of land. In addition, there is a protective strip of Serbian spruce and Sudeten larch. A detailed species inventory can be found on the website below. Due to the construction of the Neuhäusel bypass, a part of the tranquility has unfortunately been lost. Nevertheless, it remains interesting to see how differently the trees have developed in the almost 5 decades of their existence in Neuhäusel. Translated with

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The Arboretum Neuhäusel is one way of getting to know trees even from distant countries. Translated with

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