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The former Franciscan monastery towers imposingly in the small pilgrimage town of Marienthal. Nestled in an idyllic landscape, you will find the Marienthal monastery restaurant here today. Come by and go on a journey through time!

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Detailed description

The roots of the former Franciscan monastery go back to the 17th century. During its eventful history, the house has been able to retain its monastic character until today. Even today, the monastery and the small town itself still serve as popular pilgrimage sites.

The Chapel of Grace in the pilgrimage church with the 15th-century image of the "Sorrowful Mother" and the Way of the Cross, which is beautifully situated on a hillside opposite the monastery, are known far beyond the borders of the region. Since the middle of the 15th century, the monastery village of Marienthal has been a much-visited place of pilgrimage. The Solemnity with procession of lights takes place on the first Saturday after 15 September, the day of the commemoration of the Sorrows of Mary.

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Contact and directions

Am Kloster 15
57537 Marienthal