Felsgruppe Hohe Ley Mudersbach

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The Hohe Ley rock group is a popular spot for hikers and walkers on the left side of the Sieg above Mudersbach with an excellent view of the Sieg valley. In 2004, the first statue of the Virgin Mary was fixed here from the opposite side of the Sieg valley.

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The prominent rock group is located on the left side of the Sieg, 365 m above sea level in the Mudersbacher Hauberg, in the Mudersbach district. Pillow-shaped bulges around the mountain cross indicate undersea volcanoes. The rock group was placed under nature conservation together with the Birker Ley on 13.08.1986. It is reported that a Mudersbach innkeeper erected a cross on the mountain summit in 1915. It had become customary to hoist an Easter flag there for the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord on Good Friday. Around 1955 the regulars' table "Zur Linde" took over the care and maintenance of the cross and the installation in the Felsenmeer. In 1981 a commemorative plaque for Sister Edmundine, who died in 1973, was placed on the cross. She had worked tirelessly for old and sick people and had rendered outstanding services in the construction of the first old people's home "Saint Joseph". The text reads: "Because she was always ready, this cross is dedicated to her. During the Easter period, the regulars' table at the lime tree installs an illuminated cross and at Christmas time a star with a tail, which is mounted on the slagheap below the ley. In 2004 the first statue of the Virgin Mary was placed on the Hohe Ley from the Mariengrotte, from the Stammtisch zur Linde, and invites you to linger in beautiful nature. From the Hohe Ley or the slagheap below, along the hiking trail XS (Sieghöhenweg) and M3, you can enjoy a magnificent view over Mudersbach and into the Siegtal.

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In der Steinebach (Birker Hauberg)
57555 Mudersbach