Evangelische Schlosskirche

Detailed description

It was first mentioned in documents in 1372 as St. Katharinenkirche. A double flight of stairs leads to the portal, which is designed as a risalit with flat gable. The building is connected to the castle by an archway. The late Gothic choir and tower date from the mid-15th century, the nave from 1775, to which the mirror vault (1775) connects. The choir contains the count's family tomb. Stylistically it is a typical preacher's church with the altar, pulpit and organ on the east side and wooden galleries on the other walls. The tower on the south side (1481) is one of the older parts of the church.

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Brief description

Historic church on the Old Market Square. The protestant castle church was built in the 14th century as the church of St. Catherine. It was often destroyed by fire and was completely renovated for the last time in 1775.

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