Evangelische Lutherkirche Kirchen (Sieg)

Detailed description

The Protestant "Lutherkirche" was built in the 12th century on the site of a small wooden church which had already been there before 914 AD. Like most of the old mountain churches, it was consecrated to St. Michael. At that time it was the parish church to which the whole area of the Freusburg belonged. This is how churches were first called Kirchfreusburg. In 1770 a large baroque hall was built instead of the Romanesque nave. The old tower is preserved. In 1886 the church became the sole property of the Protestant parish, before that it had been used jointly with Catholics at the time of the Simultaneum. In the further history the tower was raised to twice its original height (then approx. 52 m). In 1957 the church was extensively renovated. In 1958 the organ of the church was consecrated. The three bronze bells were cast in 1896.

Brief description

The Protestant Lutherkirche was built in the 12th century in Romanesque style and was shared with Catholics at the time of the Simultaneum.

Contact and directions

Kirchplatz 6
57548 Kirchen an der Sieg