Evangelische Kirche Waldbreitbach

Brief description

Open Evangelical Christ Church

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Detailed description

Protestant parish Am Kaltberg 1, 56588 Waldbreitach, Phone 0 26 38/41 03, Sunday Mass at 10.15 a.m. 

Our parish is one of 16 parishes in the Evangelical Church District of Wied.

Five villages belong to the Protestant parish of Waldbreitbach: Breitscheid, Hausen/Wied, Niederbreitbach, Roßbach and Waldbreitbach - with a total of almost 70 villages and hamlets. Almost 10,000 inhabitants live here (9948). About 1700 belong to the Protestant faith.

Construction of the Christuskirche began in September 1960. The separate bell tower houses three bronze bells of 500 kg, 380 kg and 280 kg. They bear the inscriptions "Be joyful in hope", "patient in tribulation", "persevere in prayer" (Romans 12:12). The bells were cast on 21 April 1961 and the consecration took place on Ascension Day (11 May 1961). The church was consecrated on 5 November 1961. Since 1976 the organ has been in the gallery. In 1977 the parsonage with the offices was built. The parish hall was extended and rebuilt to its present form between 1993 and 1995.

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Contact and directions

Am Kaltberg 1
56588 Waldbreitbach