Brief description

With a 3.50 metre high sculpture in the form of a circle, the local community of Kleinmaischeid shows that it was the geographical centre of the European Union from 2004-2007.

Detailed description

Prime Minister Kurt Beck (SPD) inaugurated the monument on Sunday 10.10.2004. The object is "a symbol for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and good neighbourly cooperation", said the Prime Minister during his visit.
The sculpture consists of a circle on a map of Europe. One of the two points of the circle, made of stainless steel, sticks into the stone map of Europe on the ground, at the place where Kleinmaischeid (district of Neuwied) lies. A circle of twelve floor lamps symbolises the twelve stars of the EU flag. The sculpture was designed by the Bad Kreuznach artist Gernot Meyer-Grönhof.
The monument stands centrally in the centre of the village, on the main street next to the village community centre.
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