Eschenburg Regional Museum

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The Regionalmuseum Eschenburg e.V. is housed in the restored half-timbered building at Marktstraße 1 in Eibelshausen. The museum rooms cover an exhibition area of approx. 220 square metres. Ongoing temporary exhibitions are regularly presented to the public throughout the year.

Some recent highlights include: From wooden spoons to kitchen machines. Treasures from grandmother's linen cupboard, Eibelshausen fields, meadows and houses, Eschenburgturm photo exhibition, 50 years of telephone history and advertising from the past.

In the adjoining rooms there is a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen from the last century. You can also admire an "Aunt Emma's shop" and a cobbler's workshop.

Another location is the "Schaumagazin Schulscheune" in the Eiershausen district.

Everything to do with agriculture, crafts, milk and butter and old Holighaus washing machines is gathered here.

Every year in October, the pumpkin festival takes place on the grounds.

In the Wissenbach district, the former transformer house is home to two museum centres.

The history of the former Batzbach slate quarry is represented with many documents and exhibits and a complete local exchange system, with which 600 calls were handled simultaneously, and other communication technology provide an interesting overview of 50 years of telephony history.

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Local history museum in Eibelshausen, school barn and mill in Eiershausen and transformer house in Wissenbach

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