Entdecke den südlichen Westerwald!

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Let's go - discover the southern Westerwald!

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With us, nature begins right on our doorstep. The charming low mountain range landscape of the southern Westerwald is characterised by forests, meadow landscapes and open fields. Our regional highlights are the idyllic Gelbachtal, the region "Buchfinkenland" around the communities of Horbach, Gackenbach and Hübingen and the romantic valleys of Ahrbach, Holbach, Eisenbach and Stelzenbach. The convenient location between the conurbations of Cologne/Bonn and Frankfurt with the connection to the high-speed rail network of the German Railways is the basis for the dynamic development of the region of southern Westerwald. In the 24 local communities of the Montabaur municipality, intact village structures still exist in many places and are maintained by an active club life. Concerts and cultural events as well as the annual "Kirmes" are the highlights. Embedded in a varied forest and meadow landscape, the region of southern Westerwald offers many possibilities to actively experience nature.

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