Easter egg toss in Horhausen

An old custom with a great fun factor for all ages.


On Easter Sunday brightly colored Easter eggs will once again fly through the air in Horhausen. At 2 p.m., the Easter Egg Throwing Contest will start on the meadows at the fire station (Floriansweg). With the Easter Egg Throwing Contest, the organizers want to keep an old custom alive, but at the same time create a recreational activity for Easter holiday guests and citizens. The aim is to throw a hard-boiled Easter egg as far as possible. It is not only the distance that counts, but the egg must also remain whole. If you use the right throwing technique - you hold the Easter egg between your thumb and index finger, with the tip pointing upwards, and throw it straight out - the egg will stay whole without crash-landing on the grass. A little luck is also required. Burst eggs serve as bird food.

About 300 participants started each year to compete against each other in the long throw. Many onlookers have followed the Easter fun in the past, which has also been broadcast on television. The competition is organized jointly by the local community of Horhausen, the volunteer fire department's support association, and the Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld municipal administration (tourism office), with the kind support of Bad Honnef AG.

The evaluation takes place in different age classes. Each participant has one attempt. The "meadow record" thrown several years ago is still 73 meters. In 2023, the best mark for men was 55 meters and for women the egg landed after 44 meters without breaking.

The Horhausen volunteer fire department will provide for the physical well-being of the visitors. There are again great material prizes to be won, which are provided by Bad Honnef AG.

Who would like to have information about the "Easter egg throwing", can turn to the local municipality Horhausen, Tel. 02687 / 926830, to the tourism office of the association municipality Altenkirchen Flammersfeld, Tel. 02681/85-193 or to the first deputy of the VG, Rolf Schmidt-Markoski, Tel. 02687/929507. Information also at: www.horhausen.de.

Brief description

An old custom with a great fun factor for all ages.

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