Long Distance Hiking

Druidensteig - At around 85 km, the longest geo route in Germany

Route profile

Length / Distance 83,7 km
Rise 2,053 hm
Descent 1,923 hm
Duration 25,0 h
Highest point 508 hm
Lowest point 189 hm


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The Druidensteig is around 85 kilometers in 6 stages and is the longest geo-route in the National GEOPARK Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus.

Exciting stories from mining and geology are presented at more than 30 stations along the hiking trail. On the way, experience 6 river valleys, 3 geo-information centers, 3 outstanding viewpoints and, as a landmark, the national geotope Druidenstein.

Breathtaking views of the unique landscape are offered in several places. A GeoBlick from the Otto tower near Kirchen gives an overview of the relics of the coal and steel industry in Siegerland. From the Barbaraturm between Malberg and Steinebach / Sieg, on the other hand, you can see almost the entire Westerwald with its diverse mining history.

The focus is on the hiking experience through a unique natural landscape. For more than 10 years, the climb has been labeled "Quality Trail Wanderable Germany" and, as GeoRoute, is the first certified geological themed hiking trail in Germany.

Brief description

The quality hiking trail Druidensteig provides insights into the mining history of the region at over 30 information points and offers geological features.


Arriving by car

You can get here by car via the B 62 federal road to Freusburg (between Kirchen and Siegen). Here you leave the main road and follow the signs in the direction of Freusburg Youth Hostel to Kapellenweg in Alt-Freusburg.

Public transport

Arrival by public transport

The journey takes place as far as the Freusburg-Siedlung train stop. The stop is served by the Westerwald-Sieg-Bahn (RB90) and the Rothaar-Bahn (RB93), which also connect the stations in Kirchen, Betzdorf and Siegen.

Timetable information at www.dreilaenderbahn.de

An approximately 2 km long marked access path (yellow Druidensteig sign) connects the Freusburg-Siedlung train stop with the stage start in the center of Freusburg, Kapellenweg. You can find the corresponding access under https://www.druiden-steig.de/cms/index.php/downloads/gpx-tracks.


Please use the public parking spaces at the end of Kapellenweg opposite the cemetery / Ev. Chapel.

GPS input: Kapellenweg 10, 57548 Kirchen (Sieg)


Stage 1: From Freusburg to Herdorf (16.8 km)

At the beginning of the first stage, the Westerwald shows itself as a real low mountain range. The deeply cut Siegtal offers many an almost alpine climb. Past the Ottoturm and the Druidenstein, it goes over the Wasserberg to Herdorf in the Hellertal.


Freusburg, Otto Pfeiffer Museum, Wilhelmine mine, Freusburger Mühle, GeoBlick Ottoturm, Historical Way of the Cross, National Geotope Druidenstein, GeoInformationszentrum Bergbauuseum Herdorf-Sassenroth

Stage 2: From Herdorf to Daaden (13.1 km)

The second stage runs between the mining towns of Herdorf and Daaden. Numerous historical mining sites and huge basalt mining areas testify to the industrial history of the region. Today you can enjoy the tranquility of nature, which recaptured everything.


GeoInformationszentrum Mining Museum Herdorf-Sassenroth, Herdorf Hüttenstadt, San Fernando mine, relics of the Friedrichshütte, Wolf mine, blue dump of the Alte Mahlscheid mine, Mahlscheid basalt mining area, braking line of the Hohenseelbachskopf basalt quarry, Hohenseelbachskopf, the Hüllbuche, Daaden mining town

Stage 3: From Daaden to Elkenrother Weiher (13.2 km)

The baroque church in the mining town of Daaden, Friedewald Castle and the Neunkhausen-Weitefelder-Plateau characterize the third stage of the GeoRoute. Several nature and bird protection areas underline the natural landscape of the Westerwald.


GeoPunkt Heimatmuseum Daadener Land, baroque church Daaden, basalt quarry Schimmerich, Schloss Friedewald, Neunkhausen-Weitefelder-Plateau, Elkenrother pond

Stage 4: From Elkenrother Weiher to Betzdorf (14.4 km)

From the high plateau near Elkenroth, the Druidensteig leads down into the Siegtal. Witches, goblins and even a devil's stone are waiting by the wayside. At the end of the stage, the railway town of Betzdorf invites you to stay.


Elkenrother pond, Hexeneiche, Käusersteimel pit, Hümmerstein, Wilhelmsglück pit, hut school house, Neugrünebacher hut, railway town of Betzdorf

Stage 5: From Betzdorf to Steinebach (9.1 km)

The fifth stage of the GeoRoute leads from the Siegtal up to the Gebhardshainer Land. High basalt peaks with wide views and deeply cut stream valleys with rattling mills are the highlights on the way to the Bindweide pit.


Railway town of Betzdorf, Steinerother Kopf, Dickendorfer Mühle, visitor mine, the Bindweide mine

Stage 6: From Steinebach to Hachenburg (16.7 km)

The sixth stage of the Druidensteig begins with the focus on ore mining. The GeoRoute leads through typical Westerwald stream valleys to the Assberg roof slate pit and past the Marienstatt Abbey to the town of Hachenburg with its baroque castle and the landscape museum.


GeoInformationszentrum Grube Bindweide, shaft tower Barbaraturm, slate mine Assberg, Kloster Marienstatt, Kleine Holzbachschlucht, GeoInformationszentrum Landschaftsmuseum Hachenburg, City of Hachenburg

Safety instructions

If you are of the opinion that certain sections of the path are not accessible to you, then you should avoid them. Especially in adverse weather conditions, near-natural paths can lead to muddy and slippery passages. Particularly in autumn, it is important to ensure that the leaves lying on the ground can cover bumps, roots, stones or holes in the path. You should expect this kind of obstacle to the path when you go on a hike. Although the path is consistently very well marked, you should always have a suitable hiking map with you for safety reasons.


Wear sturdy shoes and suitable clothing that is suitable for the weather and protects you from the cold and wet or from the heat and the sun. Take plenty of fluids with you. There are not many places to stop for refreshments. Please put on suitable hiking shoes along the way, which will give you sufficient support even on slippery and steep or rocky and uneven paths.


Take the mine train into the visitor mine Grube Bindweide - good luck!


A KOMPASS hiking map north including the Druidensteig is available from the Westerwald shop at https://www.westerwald-shop.info/epages/17784951.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/17784951/Products/129


Landscape Museum Hachenburg, Leipziger Strasse 1, 57627 Hachenburg

Starting Point

Otto Pfeiffer Museum, Burgstrasse 11, 57548 Kirchen-Freusburg

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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