Daniela Polz - Keramikkunst

Detailed description

Ms. Polz increasingly works figuratively, avoiding individual representation. She creates either covers, without head, foot or hand, or models individual body parts, which she always combines with stacks of paper. The works appear delicate, they are a puzzle of presence and absence, of the individual and the administered citizen. By leaving out Daniela Polz what is important to her about people, she shows it and yet at first glance only the managed person can be seen.

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Brief description

Daniela Polz's works are mostly made of porcelain and mostly deal with the question of being human. At the centre of her new works on the theme of identity, she deals with the managed human being and the associated loss of identity. Identity is based on differentiation, but as a result of equalization, anonymization, and bureaucratization, the gaze misses the individual, the individual, and the fate of the individual.

Contact and directions

Händelstraße 2
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen