Bicycle Rides

Cross the region with the Westerwald-Lahn cycle path

Route profile

Length / Distance 92,2 km
Rise 1,268 hm
Descent 1,342 hm
Duration 24,3 h
Highest point 511 hm
Lowest point 78 hm


In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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In knowledge, I already take the first break to look at Schönstein Castle. The Heister chapel, one of the oldest of its kind, and the Catholic parish church of the Elevation of the Cross, begun in the year 1000, are also worth a look. In Hachenburg I am greeted by the castle, which today is the Deutsche Bundesbank University. The gilded Sayn heraldic lion stands on the Alter Markt. The Stone House (today "Gasthaus zur Krone") is also worth seeing. It is worth walking a little around the beautiful place. On the Gräbersberg near Alpenrod I climb the lookout tower and have a meal in the serviced Alpenroder Hütte. The observation tower gives me wonderful views. A short time later I come across the Wiedquelle near Linden. We continue to Dreifelden and its pond of the same name. Here I swim a bit and then lie down on the lawn for a moment. When I come to Staudt later, there is another place to rest with a playground on the fairground.

Brief description

If you like it sporty, you can complete the tour with its many climbs in one day. But we can also take it easy and plan at least one night.


From Cologne: Take the A4 to the B256 in Reichshof, follow the B256, take the L344, L324, L94 and L278 to the Walzwerkstraße in WissenFrom Frankfurt: Take the A3 to the B255 in Heiligenroth, take the A3 exit 40-Montabaur, follow the B255, take the B8, L290, B256 and B62 to the Walzwerkstraße in Wissen

From Siegen: via B62From Koblenz: Take the A48 to Rheinstraße in Mogendorf, take the A3 exit 38-Ransbach-BaumbachFrom Limburg a. i.e. Lahn: Follow the A3, B255 and B8 to the L265 in Wahlrod, follow the L265 to Kroppach, follow the L290 to Siegener Str./B256 in Eichelhardt, follow the B256 to Knowledge

Public transport

By train to the train station in Knowledge.


Parking at the train station in Knowledge


The challenging tour across the Westerwald begins south of Wendlingen and Holschbach on the K 66. I drive south via Alserberg to knowledge and make an easterly curve to Schönstein. After Mittelberg I turn south again, reach Gebhardshain, Steinebach

Safety instructions

The route between Knowledge/Sieg and Luckenbach is currently not signposted.


For bags and backpacks, not only the back offers space on a bike tour - the weight of the equipment should be distributed over several parts of the body and bike. Wind, rain or sun can lead to very different temperature sensations on the bike - a cold can best be avoided with professional cycling clothing. On a multi-day tour, you should always have a change of clothes on hand to be prepared for any eventuality. In addition to other important pieces of equipment, the necessary tools and repair utensils should not be forgotten. At high speeds, it's easy to take a wrong turn on a bike tour: traditional and modern aids such as a bike map or a GPS device are used for orientation. You should always have a small emergency kit with you.


There is a lot to discover, for example Montabaur with its numerous sights. Furthermore, there is also the visitor mine in Steinebach


Combi Flyer Rad


Bad Ems, train station

Starting Point

know, train station

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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