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clock tower Part of the city fortifications from the 14th century was the "upper tower", which, after the city fortifications were expanded, was called the "middle tower" and since the beginning of the 17th century the name "clock tower". Numerous witch trials took place here in the 17th century. The tower also contained a cellar dungeon and torture chamber. A total of 91 people are said to have been accused and burned in Dierdorf. There was a city clock on the tower as early as 1601. In 1772 a new clock was made by Christian Kinzing from Neuwied. Until 1903, the city watchman lived in the "clock tower", whose job, among other things, was to sound the fire alarm if there was a fire somewhere. His most important task, however, was the care and daily winding of the clock, the original of which is still preserved on the top of the tower. Art exhibitions take place here throughout the year.

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It still announces the time today.
In 1976, a small circle of people interested in art extended the clock tower with a lot of commitment to the "Galerie im Uhrturm" as a place for cultural encounters.
Several exhibitions take place here every year.

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