5,00 Euro per person
Children up to 14 years are free of charge.
For group tours 5 Euro per person,
Minimum fee 50,00 Euro

Please pay the participation fee to the tour guide at the beginning of the tour.


Guided tour through the town centre of Wissen an der Sieg - buildings, people and stories
The 2-hour tour starts at the tourist information centre in the Regio train station and begins with a look at the "kulturWerkwissen".
Once the largest coal and steel industry site in the Altenkirchen district, it is now a centre for art and culture. From there, the path leads to the Kreuzerhöhung Catholic Church and on to the Marktsube. Ferdinand Lassalle, one of the founding fathers of today's SPD, stopped here in 1847 to represent Countess Sophie von Hatzfeldt in one of the most spectacular divorce proceedings of the 19th century. The multi-generational park "Steinbuschanlage", named after the initiator of the "Volksbank Wissen", is a meeting place for young and old and a place of remembrance. The "Direktoren-Villen", the Germania Hotel and the Gerichtsstraße are just some of the stops on this entertaining tour.

See you in the "Kölsch-Ländchen"

Participation in all guided tours is at your own risk!

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Meeting point

The meeting point is the tourist information centre at the RegioBahnhof Wissen.
There is also a WC there.

Arrival Information

Parking facilities: At weekends on the car park (P+R) directly at the station, on weekdays at kulturWERKwissen (Walzwerkstraße 22, 57537 Wissen). The station can be reached on foot via the bridge or by lift.

Brief description

Focus on the 19th and 20th centuries

Contact and directions

Bahnhofstr. 2 (im RegioBahnhof)
57537 Wissen