Charging station for e-bikes and pedelecs

Brief description

E - Bike charging station for free use.

Detailed description

There are four lockers. Two bicycle batteries and one mobile phone can be charged simultaneously per locker. You must carry/bring the charging cables and the corresponding power supply unit for your bike yourself. Due to the large number of charging systems, this is not possible otherwise.

After the devices to be charged have been connected and stowed in the locker, it can be locked by inserting a 50 cent piece or 1 euro piece so that you can easily move away from the charging stations during the charging process and use the time for a break. The stations are usually connected to the electricity from 8 am to 6 pm. Depending on the season, this time period may vary (longer in summer and shorter in winter). The use of the e-bike charging stations is free of charge for the user. The electricity is provided by the gastronomy or the respective local municipality.

Bicycle racks are also available.

Contact and directions

Elgerter Straße 40
56316 Raubach


02684 / 5535