Detailed description

Each specimen is modelled by hand on the selected background and fired densely at 1230° C. The surface is then polished to a high quality. Different glazes as well as several special types of application give chameleons, sea lizards, crocodiles or many other animals their natural colour and emphasise the individual character of the individual pieces. Our focus is on reptiles. You will also find native animals such as eagle owls, wild boars and otters.
The selected hardwoods are weather-resistant and suitable all year round for outdoor use. Together with the frost-resistant ceramics a living fascinating unit develops which inspires our customers again and again in their beauty.

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Brief description

For 25 years we have been creating ceramic animal sculptures in our workshop in Westerwald.

Our exotic animal sculptures fascinate by their liveliness in form and colour. Placed on beautifully shaped hardwoods or natural stones, our animals adapt harmoniously to the chosen surface. They surprise and amaze the observer, fascinate and deceive in their liveliness.

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