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Tine Angerer, co-founder of the workshop group CERAMIX Her ceramic works are wonderfully wondrous. There are green-eyed ladies flirting with all sorts of garish creatures and grumpy monsters refusing to do everyday chores. Angerer's colorfully engobed stoneware dishes are quirky, garish and - despite all the absurdity carved into clay - terribly beautiful to look at.

Arwed Angerer - The focus of his work is the contrast and relationship between the vivid surfaces created in wood firing and the clear geometric forms of my objects. In contrast to today's common firing processes with gas or electricity, the original firing with wood fascinates me, because the flames come into direct contact with the pieces and the salts and ashes created by the combustion give rise to lively surfaces. These processes can never be exactly predicted or planned.

Kathrin Bachmann - In her workshop in the old Merkelbach manufactory, she creates vessels suitable for everyday use from white and solid-colored porcelain. The subtlety and elegance of the material are shown to their best advantage through restrained decorations. Grit Uhlemann Her works include backlit landscapes made of porcelain as well as egg-shaped archaic objects. The reliefed surfaces of the porcelain landscapes resemble satellite images, but are not meant to reproduce them realistically. Rather, they are about inner spaces of experience that are meant to make the landscapes within oneself accessible. They are reminiscent of forests, folded mountains, a sea with strong surf. These structures move in a continuum between gently organic and clearly drawn lines. In the case of the wafer-thin sheets, made of paperclay in a self-developed technique, an expressive aesthetic results from a play with light and translucency.

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CERAMIX is a workshop group existing since 2006 in the premises of the old Merkelbach manufactory. Four ceramists have joined forces in this workshop group.

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Brunnenstraße 11a, 11c
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen