Catholic Parish Church Dillenburg

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The building history of the Sacred Heart Church in Dillenburg is a very special one: The original building was a neo-Gothic church from 1893. Like everywhere else in the region, the parish grew considerably after the war due to the influx of many displaced persons and the old building now proved to be too small. As a result, the upper part of the old church building was demolished and the present church was rebuilt over the original nave. In the tower you can still see some relics of the former steeple. The consecration took place in October 1957. The old nave is now used as a parish hall. The round windows of the back front in today's church suggest God's creation in colourful crystal, plant, fish and bird motifs. On the opposite wall we see the huge altarpiece. It shows the goal of all world events and thus also of our human life. The painter Josef Jost depicts the apocalyptic vision of the Last Judgement. The altar, tabernacle stele, baptismal font and sermon ambo are made of sandstone. As a special work of art, one also finds a late Gothic wooden crucifix from the second half of the 15th century. Above the side altar is a statue of the Virgin Mary from the middle of the 18th century.

Text: Catholic Parish Zum Guten Hirten an der Dill

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A neo-Gothic church from 1893 formed the original building.

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