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The butter trail dates from the time when the farmers transported their products, especially butter and milk, via Straßenhaus and Rengsdorf to Neuwied, where they were offered for sale at the market. Following the red and white marking, you can now hike on these historical tracks between Hümmerich and Rengsdorf.


Hümmerich:From A3 exit Neuwied, then B 256 towards Horhausen, turn left after Willroth, via L270 towards Hümmerich - after approx. 2.0 km turn left to the Friedrichstrasse hiking car park at the entrance to HümmerichRengsdorf:From A3 exit Neuwied, then B 256 direction Neuwied to Rengsdorf - exit Obere Mühle / Hardert in the center of town turn left into Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and follow this to the St. Kastor chapel.from Neuwied: B256 to town center - turn right into Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and follow this to the St. Kastor chapel.

Public transport

According to Hümmerich:from Neuwied train station with the 101 bus (in the direction of Straßenhaus / Horhausen) to Straßenhaus, there change to the 140 bus to HümmerichTo Rengsdorf:from Neuwied train station with the bus routes 101/131/132


Hümmerich:Hikers' car park at the entrance to Hümmerich, FriedrichstrasseRengsdorf:Parking lot at St. Kastor-Kapelle Rengsdorf, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße


From the hiking car park in Hümmerich, the path first leads a short distance through the village, past the small scale museum (if you are interested in a visit, please contact Rudi Lück at 02687-326), and then it goes through Meadows to the south. The butter path leads down the Mühlenweg into the Fockenbach valley. We pass the Franze-Loch-Hütte, on which a board gives us information about the history of this place. We reach the valley at the Hümmericher Mühle and soon come across the mining past of this region. We learn more about it at the Alexanderstollen and the former Louisenglück mine. A leisurely path through the Fockenbachtal brings us to a wonderful vantage point after a gentle ascent, and shortly afterwards we have reached Strassehaus. This is half time for our hike. We continue to the next attraction on the Butter Path: the sequoia forest above the Jahrsbach valley. The largest contiguous sequoia forest in the Rhine-Westerwald nature park was developed here. The sequoias are a bit off the butter path, but the detour is worth it. On a lounger in the forest you can find peace under the more than 40 year old tree giants. The next stop is a ground monument, a reproduced Celtic grave near Bonefeld. It is also a bit off the road and offers interesting historical information. We finally reach the Völkerwiesenbachtal via a narrow path, and now it is not far to the former Hotel Obere Mühle. Approx. 500 m further on we have reached the destination of our hike, the St. Kastor Chapel at the Rengsdorf spa park.


Ankle-high walking shoes are recommended.


The butter path (12 km) is accessible all year round in both directions. It has only slight differences in altitude and is also ideal for inexperienced hikers. Butterpath information boards are located at historical points along the entire route.The scale museum in Hümmerich can be visited, please register with Rudi Lück on the phone number. 02687-326.Detour from the butter path to the mammoth forest near Straßenhaus and to the "Celtic graves" ground monument near Bonefeld; Observe information signs.


Rengsdorf, St. Kastor Chapel, Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse

Starting Point

Hümmerich, Friedrichstrasse car park

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