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The musical travel restaurant of a special kind

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The musical travel restaurant of a special kind


To the Klaußner - a special kind of musical travel inn

Burghart Klaußner sees his profession as an itinerant business with one major advantage: "when you travel, you don't get to think about the finite nature of existence." Instead, he collects his musical luggage and has now forged a program from it, an astonishing conglomeration of languages, styles, voices and longings.

From big entertainment to small fugues of death - from tuxedos to jester's caps. And if in the end Peter Igelhoff, Cole Porter and Tom Waits, Karl Valentin, Johnny Cash and Charles Trenet belong together, it is also because Klaußner's life passe-partout only exists once. Passepartout not as a key to success, but as a door opener to the worlds we have always wanted to look into.

His musical stage programs start where television no longer does. Making audible in the silence what the music has to say between the sounds. His choice of songs is strictly subjective, his musicians hand-picked, his arrangements new and the feeling of his programs soothingly deep and caressing horizons.

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