Buchfinken-Gelbach-Tour (Radrundweg)

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The round tour, located south of Montabaur, leads through the idyllic Nassau Nature Park and presents the cycling guests the still largely unknown chaffinch region in connection with the Gelbachtal.

The first part of the circular route leads through the Gelbachtal - this valley is one of the most beautiful side valleys of the Lahn and has been an insider tip for cyclists and hikers for decades due to its sparse population and varied nature. The tour then continues in the so-called "chaffinch country". This small region owes its name to its densely wooded surroundings and the chaffinches living in it. A somewhat folkloristic explanation sounds like this: In the 19th century, workers from the chaffinch country still had to walk to their workplaces in Montabaur and the Kannenbäckerland. So early in the morning they marched, singing and whistling, through the neighbouring villages of Daubach, Untershausen and Holler, which then pointedly gave the travelling workers the name "chaffinches". The landscape here is characterized by wide mixed forests. Numerous vantage points offer views of the Taunus Mountains to the south and the Upper Westerwald to the north. Returning to the starting point, the route leads via the Elbe communities of Welschneudorf and Oberelbert to Wirzenborn.

Start: Wirzenborn, cycle path Southern Westerwald (197 m)

Destination: Wirzenborn, Southern Westerwald Cycle

Route distance: 33,3 km

Duration: 2:47h

Arrival: By train and bus Take bus line 453 from Montabaur (ZOB, Konrad-Adenauer-Platz) to Wirzenborn

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Cycle path: Distance: 33.3 km Duration: 2:47h Translated with

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