Brief description

Spectacular view, magnificent baroque church and mysterious casemates.


Adults: 5,00 €

Children 6 to 16 years: 3,00 €

Guided tour of the castle (10 persons): 60,00 €, each additional person 6,00 EURO

Of course you can pay contactless with us!

Detailed description

Welcome to Greifenstein Castle, a monument of national importance! With its unique silhouette and unusually expansive expanse, this spectacularly situated hilltop castle, which dominates the landscape, is the landmark of the region and can be seen from afar. And the Greifenstein is not a dead museum, but a cultural site that brings the past to life and lets you literally grasp it. The castle offers not only a spectacular view from the twin towers, but also a magnificent baroque church and mysterious casemates. Above all, however, the Glockenwelt Burg Greifenstein, with over 100 bells, is the most important bell collection of its kind in Germany. An exciting tour through a millennium of bell history, famous bells from all over the world and the most diverse bell functions are waiting here to be rediscovered by young and old visitors. The Greifenstein is also a geopoint in the GEOPARK Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus. Walk on historical traces and discover the uniqueness of the Greifenstein!
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Text: Greifenstein-Verein e. V.

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