Bell house Wallmenroth

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It was built around the year 1660 according to the old half-timbered construction method, served as a dwelling for shepherds and gave a quarter to people in need, it was still inhabited until the 1970s. It is an almost square building with a basement of quarrystone masonry. Since the completion of the Catholic Church of Don Bosco in 1976, the bell has only been rung on special occasions, for example at midnight at the turn of the year. The bell house has been a listed building since 1981. Today, weddings and meetings of local committees take place regularly in the Glockenhaus.

Today, wedding ceremonies and meetings of local committees regularly take place in the Glockenhaus. Dream possibility in the Glockenhaus in Wallmenroth: Since December 2006, it has also been possible to hold wedding ceremonies outside the registry office in Betzdorf. After the necessary approval by the district administration of Altenkirchen, the historic Glockenhaus in Wallmenroth was designated for wedding ceremonies. Thus, weddings can be performed in a beautiful historical ambience. The first wedding ceremony took place on 6 December 2006. Would you also like to get married in the Glockenhaus in Wallmenroth? Then simply make an appointment with our registrar Claudia Pirec and discuss further details. If you have any questions, either in writing or by telephone, please contact the registrar Claudia Pirec. Registry Office Betzdorf, Hellerstraße 2, 57518 Betzdorf, Telephone: 02741 291-424, Fax: 02741 291-170

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Brief description

The listed bell house is the landmark of the local community of Wallmenroth.

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