Baumlehrpfad Köttingsbach

Detailed description

The quiet valley of the Köttingsbach leads at first slightly uphill, later with a somewhat steeper ascent up from Wissen to the district of Köttingerhöhe with beautiful views. Several hiking trails run through the Köttingsbach municipal forest, e.g. the access path to the Westerwaldsteig trail from Wissen station to Kroppacher Schweiz.

The interesting tree nature trail will be newly opened here in 2023 - a project of the city of Wissen, pupils of the Kopernikus-Gymnasium Wissen and several donors. A total of 22 trees are presented on a length of approx. 500 m along the hiking trail, from the bird cherry to the sycamore maple. More information can be found in the overview map as PDF.

There are 2 accesses to the Köttingsbach Tree Trail:

Lower access from the direction of Wissen (town centre) through the street "Am Schützenplatz", or from RegioBahnhof Wissen follow the markings of the access path to the Westerwaldsteig (yellow-green markings).
Upper access from the direction of Wissen-Köttingerhöhe at the junction of Köttinger Weg/Böhmerstraße (at the little chapel there) follow the meadow path downhill.
Parking is available from the direction of the lower entrance, no parking is possible at the upper entrance (please do not park on agricultural land). There is ample parking at the RegioBahnhof Wissen (P + R) as well as throughout the town of Wissen.

Brief description

22 different tree species are waiting to be discovered in the Köttingsbach municipal forest in Wissen.

Contact and directions

Am Schützenplatz
57537 Wissen